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The below is a recap of the AMA we held in our telegram group with George Bean the Team Leader of DMScript.

If you would like to speculate on what partnerships are coming up for DMScript or would like to see some “breadcrumbs” please scroll to the bottom where I have put some “Juicy” breadcrumbs for us to all ponder over.


He is the team leader of DMScript’s Higglo project, to be more specific. It's his main responsibility to lead DMScript through the technical and financial aspects of the project's development stages so they can successfully pull everything off with minimal to no errors whatsoever.

George is a blockchain developer and has always been interested in the development and the tech world for well over a decade now.


1. What is the main utility of the DMST token within the DMScript ecosystem and what are their unique tokenomics: (

A) $DMST will be the core currency that provides a smooth experience in all of our projects in DMScript. Through it, users can enjoy withdrawing and depositing across any of our products, whether it’s Higglo, DMPlay, Tratopia, whatever it is. The token is shared across the same database, meaning users will never have to deposit a new balance in any of our projects as they are automatically shown in your balance in any of our projects once you sign in to your account.

2. Can we please briefly discuss your range of interesting products, what are their features and why should investors/gamers look to using your products/services? (

A) Higglo, our first project down the pipeline, is a P2P eSports betting platform that will allow average players who aren’t “pros”, to be able to make money through accurate predictions. Then comes Ubrizy, an online store that allows you to purchase video game-related items with cryptocurrency, and even some items that aren’t exclusively for games. Tratopia, our third project, is an NFT marketplace that will create a unique trading experience for video game assets, artistic creations, and anything that’s creative in general. Tournet (DMFast) will optimize the gaming experience by improving the real-time connectivity to online games as you play your favorite stuff, and finally, with Holonex, we’ll be allowing gamers to enjoy their favorite video games without having to spend tons of money on PC upgrades thanks to the technology of cloud gaming.

Sneak peek at the Higglo platform and UI
Higglo Deposit and Withdraw section
Higglo settings section
Higglo notification section

3) We would like to ask some questions about the NVIDIA partnership that was announced back in August — (

3A) How Is NVIDIA working with DMScript on Holonex (formerly DMPlay)

A) We’ll be relying on nVidia’s amazing GPU infrastructure, especially after their release of the latest RTX 30 series, to have some of the best, most powerful virtual machine servers that can handle anything you could possibly throw at them. We’ll also be getting extra special features thanks to this cooperation with our server infrastructure.

3B) When is this partnership between DMScript and NVIDIA going to be officially announced by NVIDIA themselves? (

A) This will likely happen once development starts for Holonex (2021), as there’s no need for anything to be done right now given that it’s the last project in our pipeline of products.

4) How many developers are working on the DMScript range of products? (

A) We’ve currently got the main team, the one I’m leading, handling Higglo. As of now, we’re in the process of assembling new capable team leaders for the rest of the other products to ensure a smart and efficient workflow that will allow us to stick to our deadlines and deliver on our promises.

5) How does DMScript benefit from the “Mutual Partners” as shown in this article ( ) benefit DMScript? (

We see that you have a nice picture that has the logos of;
- Twitch
- Red Bull
- EPIC Games
- Riot Games

We are keen to know how these all connect to DMScript and your range of products/services.

A) This is thanks to the shared marketing efforts that would be done between both ourselves and our amazing partners. With OG, for instance, not only are we their partners, but their audience is now our audience. When they share something, we literally have access to millions of people who would know about DMScript, its projects, and what we’re trying to achieve. This is one of the main benefits of having reliable big-player companies as partners to increase the power of our marketing campaigns and reach.

Can you “Read between the lines” I’m sure you can.

6) There is speculation around DMScript and TWITCH, are you able to go into any more details around this rumor? Some of the community have a keen eye and noticed Twitch on the presentation (

A) True. Twitch is a critical asset that we intend to rely on significantly for Higglo, and there’s infinite potential surrounding it for DMScript. I can’t comment exactly on what we’re planning/doing in regards to Twitch right now, but I can tell you that we won’t be taking our eyes off Twitch any soon.

7) Why were 10 Million DMST tokens moved into 10 separate ERC20 addresses? Should the community be worried about this movement of tokens? (

A) Not at all. We already told the community about that before any panic would happen unnecessarily. We wanted to optimize and manage our token inventory and run some updates to our database and logs. This was purely an organizational decision, to be honest, for a better workflow without any confusion.

8) Can you elaborate on who the “Top Streaming Services” is, word on the street is that Twitch is the streaming service? As mentioned here (

On the other hand, we’re delighted to let our investors and community know that we’ve finally closed a deal with one of the top streaming services worldwide and are receiving a large investment that will boost our projects and give us more breathing space to run our tweaks.

A) Haha, I can see a lot of people are too excited about Twitch. Again, this is something I, unfortunately, can’t share yet due to the nature of the NDA between us, but this deal, in particular, will be thoroughly covered in Q1 2021 as we finally reach a point that allows us to speak freely.

9) What is this Mercedes Logo GIF all about? Is DMScript partnering with Mercedes? Or are you giving away a Mercedes? Or has DMScript partnered with the Mercedes E sports team? — (

A) We can’t comment on the nature of our relationship with Mercedes, but we’ll update everyone with what’s going on with Mercedes in the next few days.

10) Can you please discuss in finer details the 100K USD Marketing campaign that you have coming up? (

- Will there be any large YT influencers covering DMScript? Rumours are circulating that DMScript is in talks with Chico Crypto?
- Will team OG be discussing DMScript’s range of products in any upcoming media coverage?

A) We’ll be spending this budget on YouTube influencers, notable Twitter personalities that everyone knows and loves, spreading the word out more, etc. We’ll obviously be also relying on traditional advertising through Google’s Ad campaigns, Facebook’s, YouTube’s, and so on. I can’t give an official statement regarding Chico Crypto, but he’s definitely someone we’d immediately consider for our marketing campaign.

OG will indeed be covering DMScript, specifically two of our products, by the end of this year. Their pro players will learn more about us, what we’re offering, and even get to give our stuff a test-drive to give their feedback. This will be an amazing thing for us because it gives us firsthand insight into what needs tweaking, what we’ve done right, and so on.

When will this all kick-off?

We pretty much have. 😊 — this campaign will also cover DMScript in general with Higglo. We’ll be utilizing this campaign prior to Higglo’s launch and then will double down on it again after the launch of the betting platform.



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Are EPIC and RIOT going to be announced as the next 2 partners?

Could Twitch be one of the upcoming major partnership announcements?

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Current roadmap progress:


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